East and West Colfax

East Colfax Plan

Plan adopted May 2004 as a supplement to the Comprehensive Plan 2000

The East Colfax Plan study area boundaries cross two Council Districts and intersect fifteen neighborhood historic districts and business association boundaries including the following:
  • Uptown
  • Uptown on the Hill 
  • Colfax on the Hill 
  • Colfax Business Improvement District
  • Capitol Hill, Pennsylvania Street Historic District
  • Swallow Hill Historic District
  • City Park West
  • Wyman Historic District
  • City Park West
  • Wyman Historic District
  • City Park Esplanade/East High School Historic District
  • South City Park
  • Congress Park
  • Cheesman Park
  • Snell Subdivision (Colfax A and B) Historic District and Park Avenue Historic District

View the East Colfax Plan (PDF).  

West Colfax Plan
Plan adopted September 18, 2006 as a supplement to the Comprehensive Plan 2000.

The West Colfax study area lies between central Denver and Lakewood. Sloan's Lake and the Lakewood Dry Gulch flank the area's northern and southern borders.  The West Colfax area boundaries are:  Federal Boulevard on the east, Sheridan Boulevard on the west, West 17th Avenue/West 19th Avenue on the north and West 10th Avenue on the south in the Villa Park neighborhood.  Other significant features include Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium to the northeast and Denver Human Services complex to the southeast. The stadium, the lake and the gulch are significant man-made and natural features that clearly define the boundaries of the area and influence circulation patterns.

View the West Colfax Plan (PDF).