Why Use A Contractor?

Contractors are licensed to ensure that they are competent and capable of meeting the relevant technical and safety standards for your project.  Each license type has a defined set of competence criteria that contractors must meet to achieve and maintain a license.
Before any demolition or the first nail is hammered, a good home remodeling contractor has already done a lot of work for you.  Denver, like most cities and communities has specific building codes that must be followed.  In order to have any additions to or remodeling of your home, you need the correct permits. 
Not only are reputable home contractors experienced at a wide range of home remodeling techniques, they also have contacts with other home improvement professionals you might need like plumbers and electricians. 
Each contractor should have insurance and warranty information available to you. Typically contractors provide a one year warranty on material and labor, check with the contractors to verify the extent of any warranty extended to you.