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Denver neighborhood inspectors will be in LoDo beginning the week of December 2, 2013, working specifically to identify improper signs and notify property owners and tenants. 

To ensure consistent application of sign regulations, standards and guidelines throughout the district, neighborhood inspectors will spend time in LoDo in the coming weeks, and will notify property owners and tenants of signs that do not meet regulations. 

Properties with improper signs will have time to make corrections. Ultimately, violations not corrected may result in a fine. Please note that you can avoid a fine if within 30 days of receiving a violation notice you are actively working with city staff to resolve permitting issues.   

City staff is available to help you interpret zoning code and district design guidelines, and provide you with information on the permitting process. For more information on sign regulations and enforcement, view our flyer (PDF). 

You may also contact LoDo District, Inc., our partners in preservation, at 303-628-5428. 

Thank you for all that you do to preserve and protect the Lower Downtown Historic District.

LoDo signs meeting

Please join us for a meeting with Denver's zoning and landmark preservation staff on LoDo signage requirements and enforcement. 

LoDo signs meetings

  • April 2014
    Location and date, TBD

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