61st & Pena Station Area Plan and GDP

61st and Pena
61st and Pena Station Area Plan 

Adopted by City Council January 13, 2014

The 61st and Pena Station Area Plan encompasses approximately 400 acres immediately adjacent to the future RTD east commuter rail station, near where the future 61st Avenue terminates east of the Pena Boulevard corridor. The station is one of eight stations along the east commuter rail line, scheduled to begin operations between Denver Union Station and Denver International Airport (DIA) in 2016, and is the closest in proximity to DIA. 

The 61st and Pena Station Area Plan guides future development and change near the commuter rail station and Gateway area. Facilitating the transformation of the station area to serve as a vibrant, sustainable, transit community will position it to become a major destination in the Gateway area. It is a critical element in Denver’s vision to create a sustainable world-class city where everyone matters. The nucleus of the proposal is organized around a pedestrian-scale street and block network within a ½ mile of the transit station, while strengthening connectivity to existing and future surrounding land uses.

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61st and Pena General Development Plan 
The 61st and Pena GDP is still in progress. Learn more>>