South Platte Corridor Study





Study approved May 2013

Download the entire South Platte Corridor Study (PDF) and appendix (PDF).
[Formatted to print landscape, double-sided, left binding (or flipping short side) on 8 ½” x 11” paper.]

Historically, industrialization and other human activities have had a significant impact on the health of the South Platte River and Denver’s adjacent urban environment.  Revitalization efforts that began in the 1970’s have led to a cleaner river with new parks, trails and natural areas.  Although significant progress has been made in recent decades, more can be done to improve the river as an amenity and resource that could attract new development and investment. 

Denver is expected to grow by 178,000 new residents and nearly the same number of workers by the year 2035. The City is planning for much of this growth to occur in areas of change like the South Platte River Corridor, where more housing and jobs can be served by a growing rail transit network.

This study looks comprehensively at the river corridor to better understand how the built environment relates to the river, and to identify opportunities for revitalization, investment and economic development. Detailed study of five catalytic sites is provided, including urban design recommendations, cost feasibility analysis and projection of potential economic benefits through reuse, infill or redevelopment. These area-specific studies demonstrate potential implementation of neighborhood and station area plans that relate to the South Platte River. 


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