Stapleton Section 10

Planning for the Last Section in Stapleton
The Stapleton Green Book, the city-adopted blueprint for the redevelopment of approximately 4,700 acres of the former Stapleton Airport, provides a vision for a sustainable, mixed use community. Over the past decade, the City of Denver, together with Forest City Stapleton, Stapleton Development Corporation and the input of Stapleton’s growing community, has brought this vision to reality. Forest City is now planning for the final 602 acres of property located north of I-70 in Stapleton, an area known as Section 10. Approximately 1 square mile, Section 10 is bound on the south by  56th  Avenue and on the north and east by the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge; it is immediately adjacent to Commerce City and Dick's Sporting Goods Park on the west.

Upcoming Meetings

The Stapleton Section 10 GDP will be presented to the Denver Planning Board on Wednesday, November 5, 2014 at 3:00 PM in Room 4.F.6 of the Wellington Webb building at 201 W. Colfax Ave. For other news and meetings related to the Stapleton Development Corporation's Citizen Advisory Board, visit the Stapleton meeting calendar or the Stapleton Community news and updates page.

Documents and Timeline

The third revision to the proposed Stapleton Section 10 GDP and the associated Infrastructure Master Plan (IMP) can be reviewed at the links below. 


Meeting Archive