Frequently Asked Questions

In 1988 Denver Mayor Federico Peña signed an executive order creating the Denver Employees' Combined Campaign (DECC), to provide City workers a “responsive and convenient system of charitable giving through payroll deductions.” The first DECC campaign raised $281,618 and served 144 charities.
You can donate to any 501(c)3 in the country. Use the “Search City Service Organizations or Organization by Federation” to find local nonprofits or use the “Search National Option” to find any local or national organization by searching by name and/or location. If you are not able to find the organization for which you look, use the “Write-in Option” and fill in as much information as possible. The organization will then be found by DECC.
The DECC Committee chose to switch to an online giving tool for many reasons. Online giving lowers the administrative expenses because less paper needs to be printed. The online tool allows for employee designations to be rolled over to the next year, allowing people to keep track of the nonprofits they have donated to in years past. Also, the DECC Committee received lots of feedback from employees asking for the opportunity to give to any 501(c)3 which is made available through online giving.

DECC is a professionally managed campaign that has raised almost $11 million for local nonprofits. When the campaign was established, the executive order directed that no money can come from taxpayers. As a result costs associated with activities, materials, and trainings must be taken into account. This year a small percentage of every dollar will go toward administrative expenses. Processing costs are capped at 15% will be deducted to cover fundraising costs and to continue the campaign in the most cost-effective way in order to develop a relationship between nonprofits and city employees. Each individual donor’s fee is capped at a maximum of $450-per campaign year.

Through the past six years, the average administrative cost has been 15.9% - well below the suggested 25% administration fee for good fundraising.
None.  100% of all dollars sent to federations are distributed to the nonprofits chosen by city employees.
Almost 95% of all contributions made through the DECC are done through payroll deduction. Once the payroll department is notified of a contribution, it deducts the specified amount from each paycheck and electronically sends all deductions on either a monthly or quarterly basis to Mile High United Way which then electronically distributes donations to the nonprofits specified by the employee.
Yes, your information is provided to your designated charity so they can thank you for your gift. However, you can indicate on the online giving tool or paper pledge form that you wish to remain anonymous.
It depends on the organization. If you would like to receive correspondence from the agencies to which you donate, the best strategy would be to provide your home address.
The most valuable asset we have is the trust and confidence people have in our ability to meet community needs. DECC is audited each year by an independent accounting firm to ensure we are in compliance with generally accepted accounting principles
You can receive personalized service on the status of your gift by contacting the DECC Coordinator at 303-561-2205.
Last year’s 2014 campaign started sending money to nonprofits at the beginning of 2015 when the first payroll deductions began and were received by DECC.  The timing of the payment is dependent on when DECC receives the funds from payroll. DECC will send out payments on the last day of each month for all payments received by the end of the previous month. For those agencies who do not have gifts designated to them totaling $250 for any given month, disbursements will be made once the minimum of $250 is reached or semi- annually (in June and December), whichever comes first. Payments will be made via electronic funds transfer to agencies.
Not a problem; simply ask your Lead Coordinator to put you in touch with the DECC Coordinator and they will assist you with the change.  If you would like to change the amount of payroll deduction, please contact your payroll department and they will assist you with the change.
DECC and all nonprofit organizations are required to provide receipts for one-time gifts of $250 or more if the gift is made by check, credit card, cash, or stock.  For all gifts under $250, DECC will issue tax documentation by request only.  This process excludes payroll deduction gifts because the donor’s pay stub and pledge form will satisfy the IRS regulations for claiming charitable contributions by payroll deduction.

If you give a minimum of $250 to eligible Child Care tax credit organizations or Denver Enterprise Zone tax credit organizations, you may receive either a 25% or 50% tax credit from the state, but only if you share your information with DECC.  To ensure your gift of $250 or more is eligible for a tax credit, ask your payroll to send confirmation of your individual payroll deductions to Mile High United Way.  Please refer to Mile High United Way’s website for the complete list of Tax Credit options.  Go to, click on How to Give, then click on Tax Credits.

Please do not consider the information in this section to be tax advice. We recommend you consult a professional tax advisor when it comes to filing taxes, and consult the IRS website at

Contact us for any additional questions at or at 303-561-2205.