DECC Weekly Update: Friday, November 21, 2014

TEAM DECC presents: Arthur Gilkison, Parks 
and Recreation
Featured Nonprofit: Denver Employees Volunteer Opportunities

I heard about the Denver Employee Volunteer Opportunities (DEVO) board in my first year of city service, seven years ago. They encourage employees to become engaged through activities that benefit the community we live in and serve through our everyday jobs. I learned a lot about the great work they do and how I could personally get involved.

One of the main projects coordinated by DEVO is the Paint-A-Thon with Brothers Redevelopment, Inc. Several employees, along with their friends and families, paint the homes of seniors and other disadvantaged citizens in Denver. DEVO also works to connect city employees with several nonprofit organizations in town that request help of volunteers. With DEVO, we’ve conducted hygiene product drives, packaged meal boxes for Thanksgiving and other holidays and several other projects throughout the year.

I believe in the support DEVO provides to different parts of the city and the connections it creates between city employees and nonprofits. Because of this, I choose to support them through the DECC campaign each year. I make my donation to DEVO because I believe everyone benefits when you support organizations like this.
Please consider DEVO as you determine your donation for this year’s campaign. It will help continue to connect city employees to individuals in our community who need our help the most.
 This week's featured agency:
Denver Employees Volunteer Opportunities

Unlike volunteer efforts where residents are engaged as volunteers to help with city-based efforts, DEVO offers city employees a unique opportunity to work on non-government, community-based activities and projects. DEVO is a GREAT way to give back to our community! To our knowledge, no other city or county has anything like it.

Click here to learn more about Denver Employee Volunteer Opportunities.