Donations of Surplus Property

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Donations of Surplus Property

In May of 1999, City and County of Denver voters approved a Referred Charter Amendment to allow for donations of City surplus items to "any charitable or nonprofit organization, School District No. 1 or other governmental jurisdiction " (Part 9, Section 2.9[C]).

An application form for the request of surplus property may be obtained from the Purchasing Division at 720-913-8247, e-mail: the Author [Kris]. A completed application form, along with adequate proof of tax exempt status must be submitted to the Purchasing Division, which will review the request to determine whether suitable or matching property is available.

If such property is received as surplus, this merchandise will be reserved for the applicant, and information on the requesting organization and available item(s) will be submitted to the Mayor and City Council for approval by ordinance. If approved, the Purchasing Division will contact the organization with instructions to pick up merchandise. The City will retain each application for two (2) years following the request date. Thereafter, a new application will be necessary in order to maintain the request if suitable surplus has not been located in that two-year period.

Applicants are advised that the condition of items received as surplus may range from "good" to "poor". A variety of merchandise may be designated "surplus" by City agencies, though the Purchasing Division cannot predict what categories or amounts will be received as surplus over the course of any time period. Further, City agencies have priority in appropriating any surplus property for departmental use. Typical surplus property items may include the following:

  • OFFICE FURNITURE: Desks, chairs, file cabinets, book shelves, modular office partitions, "miscellaneous" items.
  • OFFICE EQUIPMENT:  The City currently recycles all computer related equipment.
  • MISCELLANEOUS ELECTRONICS: TVs, cameras (rarely), misc. A-V equipment (screens, microfische monitors).  The City currently recycles all non-functioning electronic equipment. 
  • JANITORIAL/MAINTENANCE SUPPLIES: Vacuums, buckets/cleaning implements, floor buffers/scrubbers (infrequently), misc. saws, generators, compressors (infrequently).
  • FITNESS EQUIPMENT: Free weights, treadmills, benches, flex machines (infrequently), stationary bicycles (infrequently), rowing machines (infrequently).
  • MISC. APPLIANCES/FIXTURES: Refrigerators, stoves, sinks, misc. food service equipment, misc. HVAC components.

NOTE: Electronic and/or mechanical surplus items may be either malfunctioning or inoperative.

Please contact Kris Deutmeyer, Purchasing Division, at 720-913-8247 with any questions regarding the surplus property donation process.












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