Clerk and Recorder Major Initiatives

The Office of the Clerk and Recorder has initiated a number of major projects to put the agency at the forefront nationally in elections offerings, preserve valuable city records for many decades to come, make more records available to the public online, and to reorganize and modernize agency operations generally to make the city's records easier for the public to access.

Many of these projects involve the placing of as many city records online as possible. The ultimate goal of all of these projects is better customer service for the public. Click the links to see details about each project.

Projects Underway

  • Recording Software Replacement - Replacement of the current obsolete recording software will allow electronic recording of documents and will eventually place all recorded documents online.
  • Records Imaging Initiative - A multi-year project aimed at creating high-quality electronic images of about 17 million documents now found on deteriorating microfilm, microfiche and paper. Completed images will be placed online with the implementation of the recording software replacement, above.
  • Inventory of Historic Records - Inspection, cataloging and preservation of hundreds of boxes of paper records. We've uncovered a growing trove of historic Denver treasures!
  • Comprehensive assessment of social media tools for enhancement of Clerk and Recorder communication with the public.
  • Elections Archives - Expand the online archive of information on past elections, adding elections back to the mid-1930s.

Completed Projects

  • Ballot TRACE - Allows mail ballot voters to track the progress of their ballot through the US postal system and through acceptance by the Denver Elections Division.
  • Overseas Voting Pilot - A 2011 pilot project that allowed military and overseas voters to return their municipal ballots over the internet.
  • eForeclosure Project - All Denver foreclosure filings and associated documents are now online for the public.
  • Redesigned Clerk and Recorder Website - A completely redesigned Clerk and Recorder website was placed online in 2011 that integrated information for all C&R functions. It replaced five separate older websites.
  • Secure 24-hour Ballot Drop-off Boxes - Drop off your ballot after hours during the voting period in a secure ballot box.
  • iApp Voting Pilot - Allows people who need a little more accessibility to mark their ballot on an iPad.
  • Election Rules - Begun in 2010, it's an effort to make election processes transparent to the public, and to clarify procedures for all types of petitions.
  • Online Campaign Finance Reporting - Creation of an online campaign finance reporting system.

Peak Performance

In addition to other projects, Clerk Johnson and the Office of the Clerk and Recorder is participating in Mayor Hancock's Peak Performance initiative

The aim of Peak Performance is to create benchmarks for evaluating and upgrading the agency's performance. 

Clerk Johnson's Peak Performance presentations to date: