Clerk and Recorder Organization

The Office of the Clerk and Recorder is organized into two divisions, each having several departments:

Clerk and Recorder Division

  • City Clerk and Records Department
  • Recording Department
  • Public Trustee Department
  • Administration Department

Elections Division

  • Voter Records Department
  • Operations Department
  • Administration Department

You can click on each of the functions below to find out what the responsibilities are for each part of the organization.

Functional Directory

The Clerk and Recorder is an elected position of the City and County of Denver. The Clerk and Recorder also carries the titles of:

  • Public Trustee
  • City Clerk
  • County Recorder 
  • Chief Elections Official

The Clerk and Recorder:

  • Is the executive director of the Office of the Clerk and Recorder (an independent city agency)
  • Is a member of the Denver Board of Equalization
  • Is a member of the citywide Records Management Committee
  • Attests the signature of the Mayor on all mayoral documents
  • Signs all city contracts and city ordinances.

The Clerk and Recorder Division encompasses all city clerk, records. recording and public trustee functions plus all administrative functions for the division.

The City Clerk and Records Department has numerous responsibilities:

  • Compilation and publishing of the City Charter & Municipal Code
  • Compilation and publishing of City Council business:
    • Minutes & Agendas
    • Ordinances (non-code)
    • Resolutions
  • Compilation of the Mayor’s Executive Orders
  • Keeping records of all city contracts
  • Keeping a registry of lobbyists
  • Administering financial disclosures for Denver officers and employees
  • Recording appointments of Denver Officers
  • Publishing legal notices for Denver agencies
  • Keeping the repository for boundary maps of special districts governed by Title 32, C.R.S.
  • Keeping records of building, fire, electrical and plumbing codes
  • Compiling rules and regulations enacted by Denver agencies

The City Clerk Department also administers the retrieval of all records held in the Clerk and Recorder's massive collection of city records. It handles document requests by mail, over the phone and via email, and retrieves many thousands of documents every year. It also:

  • Quality assures all new documents recorded by the Recording Department
  • Mails back to customers many thousands of documents submitted for recording.

The Public Trustee Department administers foreclosure filings and deed release filings for the City and County of Denver.

  • Administers all filings by lenders
  • Oversees withdrawals by lenders
  • Oversees cures by borrowers
  • Keeps online database of foreclosure filings
  • Posts monthly statistics of all filings
  • Runs weekly foreclosure property auctions
    • Administers redemptions of auctioned properties
    • Sets bidding and conduct procedures
    • Issues certificates of purchase
    • Issues Public Trustee deeds 
    • Publishes auction results 
  • Administers all Deed of Trust releases
  • Oversees installment land contracts

The Recording Department records all documents submitted to it for official recording with the City and County of Denver. It is also the repository of all recorded documents recorded with the Clerk and Recorder. It also:

  • Issues and records marriage and civil union licenses and certificates
  • Administers the Domestic Partnership Registry
  • Administers Designated Beneficiary Agreement recordings
  • Staffs the Inventory of Historic Records project
  • Staffs the Clerk and Recorder's Records Imaging Initiative.

The Elections Division provides comprehensive election services for the City and County of Denver including voter services, election operations, logistical support and election administration. 

The Elections Division is responsible for conducting fair, accurate, accessible, secure, transparent, efficient and reliable elections.

The division maintains all voter registration records, official election records, candidate certification records, ballot access documents, election results, and all historical election documents. 

The division also promotes public participation in the election process through formal programs including: community outreach, poll worker recruitment, poll worker training, and voting education campaigns. This includes bilingual outreach to Spanish-speaking citizens.

The Voter Records Department is the group that makes sure all voters receive a ballot and that their voted ballots are accurately counted. It:

  • Administers the Denter County portion of the statewide voter registration database
  • Mails out ballots for an election in close coordination with the US Postal Service
  • Receives, securely checks in, tracks and then counts all ballots on Election Night
  • Administers the Ballot TRACE ballot tracking system
  • Administers all Elections Division databases.
  • Staffs the front counter, assisting voters with voter registration and all manner of voter questions and problems

The Operations Department is the group that makes all the mechanics of an election work. It:

  • Scouts, secures and equips all polling places and Voter Service Centers
  • Manages all GPS functions including creation of maps, redrawing of precinct lines, and assuring that each voter address will receive the correct style of ballot
  • Designs and proofs all ballots
  • Securely collects all ballot boxes from voting centers and delivers them to the Voter Records Department for counting
  • Collates ballot totals on an isolated local network on Election Night
  • Collects, breaks down and securely stores all voting equipment and supplies after an election.

This department takes care of all administrative functions for the Elections Division including budgets, purchasing, contracts, accounts payable, expense tracking and physical facility needs. It also acts as the repository for Denver's permanent collection of historical election records. This department also:

  • Recruits up to two thousand election judges and temporary employees to assist with each election
  • Onboards and background checks all election judges; oversees payroll
  • Creates the election judge training program, schedules and runs all training sessions
  • Assigns all election judges and temporary workers to their locations; tracks performance evaluations
  • Runs the student election judge recruitment program
  • Administers the online campaign finance reporting system for candidates and issue committees.
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