Designated Beneficiary Agreements

A Designated Beneficiary Agreement is a contract between two people ensuring certain rights and financial protections based upon the completed document. To be legally enforceable it must be properly recorded by your county Clerk and Recorder.

Designated Beneficiary Agreements become effective once the completed, signed and notarized form is received by the Clerk and Recorder’s office in a county where at least one of the parties resides.

Bring your completed and notarized Designated Beneficiary Agreement to the Recording desk in the Office of the Clerk and Recorder, 201 W. Colfax Ave., Denver. The recording fee is listed on the Fees page.

Large Print Form Available

The Designated Beneficiary Agreement form is also available in large print on the Foms page for those who wish to use it. Users of this large print form should understand that it is a 3-page form rather than a 2-page form. The fees for recording and issuing certified copies of this 3-page form will be higher because of the extra page. Whereas the fees to record and issue certified copies of the 2-page form are $19.00, the fees to record and issue certified copies of the 3-page form are $24.50.


Designated Beneficiary Agreements may also be revoked. The revocation form may be found on the Forms page. Entering into a marriage or civil union will automatically revoke a pre-existing designated beneficiary agreement of either party.

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