Products & Services

The Denver Elections Division offers a variety of products and services including maps, reports, voter registration data, and ballot box rentals. Please consult the catalog of products and services:


Maps can be printed by the Elections Division in either small (11"x17") or large (40"x53") format. Precompiled maps are printed in color and contain information that has been pre-set by our Geographic Information System (GIS) team.

The Denver Elections Division is also equipped to create custom maps for those with specific information needs.

Precompiled maps are also available in PDF format and can be downloaded for free. Refer to the Maps and Records section of our website to see the selection of free stock maps.


Reports contain information that can be extracted from the Statewide Colorado Registration & Election (SCORE) voter registration management system. Reports do not include confidential voters, Social Security numbers, driver license numbers or birthdates. Reports are available in a variety of file formats (pdf, txt, tsv, csv, mdb, xls) and can be saved on a CD-Rom or uploaded to an FTP site. Prefered file formats should be specified when ordering.

Custom reports are available when a requestor needs more detail than can be obtained from a standard report. More detail and cost information can be found in our Products and Services Catalog.

During voting periods, the Elections Division makes voter ballot return data available without charge on our website. Please see our Voter Data page.

Other Services

Ballot boxes and voting booths are available for rental, with a deposit.

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The Elections Division accepts cash, and checks made out to: Manager of Finance.
Credit cards are not accepted at this time.


Items can be shipped to you at your expense, emailed, made available on our FTP site, or picked up in person at:

Denver Elections Division
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