Records and Recording FAQs


Records FAQ

We are unable to assist with establishing which county a marriage license was purchased from. This responsibility rests with the customer. A photocopy of a marriage license must be purchased from the county from which it was originally purchased.

To be absolutely sure of the results, you must have a title company do a search. The records housed at the Clerk and Recorder's office do not reflect any court actions and may not reflect the actions of other entities.

Given that, you are welcome to perform a self-search, using the Clerk and Recorder’s new online recorded document search.

If the license was obtained in Denver County after 1903, a copy is available from the Denver Clerk and Recorder. Anything prior to 1903 must be researched with the Colorado State Archives.

You can search for your Denver license on our new online records search system. If you need additional help finding your marriage record, contact our Records Department by calling 311 (720-913-1311 outside Denver boundaries), by email at, or by mail to Records Department, Office of the Clerk and Recorder, 201 W. Colfax Ave., Dept. 101, Denver, CO 80202.

You may perform a self search in the Clerk and Recorder's Records Division. If you don't know when the survey of the property was recorded you can look at your property purchase closing documents, or you can call your title company and ask them to locate the survey.

Denver is one of only two counties in the state where motor vehicle registration is not part of the Clerk and Recorder's office.

Contact the Denver Motor Vehicle Division for locations and information.

If you are looking for a document from 1977 to present, you can check to see if there has been a document recorded using our new online records search as long as you know at least one name that is on the document. The document will contain the reception number. You can purchase a copy of the document online (they are free through the end of December 2013).

If you need a document from 1964 through 1977, these documents are online but are indexed by reception number, book and page, or you can browse. You may contact the Records Department and they can research a reception number for you. Contact them by calling 311 (720-913-1311 outside Denver boundaries), by email at, or by mail to Records Department, Office of the Clerk and Recorder, 201 W. Colfax Ave., Dept. 101, Denver, CO 80202.

Please note that there is a photocopy fee of 25 cents per page, plus $1 to certify the document prior to send.

Yes! Denver’s recorded documents are now online, and are searchable. Printing or downloading these documents is free through the soft launch period, at least through the end of December 2013.

Recorded documents from the present back through 1964 are online, and older documents will be added in groups in the future as part of this ongoing project. Documents back through 1977 are fully searchable via grantor/grantee index. Documents from 1976 back through 1964 must be searched by reception number, book and page, or they can be browsed. Adding the older documents to the grantor/grantee index to make them more easily searchable is part of the ongoing project, and will occur in stages.

Recording FAQ

Essentially, you may record any kind of document that you want to be part of the city's public record. The bulk of the city's recorded documents consist of land records (warranty deeds, dead releases, liens, quit claims, plat maps, foreclosures, etc.), marriage records and military discharges. But any kind of document may be recorded.

Note: Recording a document does not make it "legal," that is, it will not legitimize an illegitimate claim.

Please refer to our Designated Beneficiary Agreements page for information on establishing or revoking a designated Beneficiary Agreement.

Clerk and recorder personnel cannot assist with the filling out of documents because of the legal nature of such documents. Documents are recorded without regard to the legal content of any document presented for recording. It is the customer's responsibility to address any legal questions/concerns prior to the recording of a document.

The Denver Clerk and Recorder's Office now accepts credit cards! We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover cards.

You can still pay by cash or check. The check must be for the exact amount of applicable fees. Make your check payable to Manager of Finance.

In the case of a returned check, the City and County of Denver will assess a returned check charge of $20 and a collection cost of $30. In addition, your account may be debited electronically for the face amount of any returned check.

If you know you were divorced in Denver, you can go to the City & County Building, 1437 Bannock, Room 256, to request a copy of your divorce decree. If you were divorced elsewhere in Colorado, you can go to the Colorado Vital Records website to request information.