Financial Disclosures

Denver Officers

City and County of Denver ordinances require that each elected official and city officer file an annual financial disclosure report by August 1 for the previous calendar year.

  • Elected officials covered by this are: Mayor, members of City Council, Auditor and Clerk and Recorder.
  • City officers covered by this ordinance are: Mayor's Chief of Staff, City Attorney, Manager of Public Works, Manager of Parks and Recreation, Manager of Finance, Manager of Environmental Health, Manager of General Services, Manager of Safety, Manager of Human Services, Manager of Aviation, Manager of Community Planning and Development.

This disclosure form must be filed with the Office of the Clerk and Recorder. Financial disclosure reports for elected officials and city officers are public documents; however, these reports are not posted online. The subject official is entitled to be notified whenever a disclosure report is requested. The name of the requester is kept confidential. Request these through the City Clerk,, or call 311 inside Denver (720-865-8400 outside Denver boundaries) and ask to be transferred to the City Clerk.

Denver Employees

Denver city employees must report the sources of gifts of $25 value or larger as a result of their employment with the city from anyone pursuing business with the city. This includes tickets to sporting, recreational, educational or cultural events, and lodging, parking or travel expenses, including from the City of Denver. Sponsorships, scholarships and grants are not considered gifts.

The deadline to file annual disclosure reports is August 1 for the prior calendar year. This form is filed with the employee's home agency and is kept on file there. 

Denver Candidates

Candidates for the elected positions listed above are required to file a financial disclosure within 15 days of becoming a candidate. Candidates must file those forms online. Find candidate disclosures and other campaign finance reports here.

Council Donations

All sitting Denver City Council members are required to file an annual donation report with the Clerk and Recorder by February 1 for the prior year. These reports list donations that members make from their Council budget. 

Agency Gifts

Denver city agencies and departments are required to file an annual gift report by August 1 for the prior calendar year for gifts of $2,500 value or greater. Executive Order 134 requires these reports.