DPS Board At-Large Candidate:
Joan Poston


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4783 S Willow St.
Denver CO 80237



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Candidate Statement

I believe that I am the best candidate as I have observed DPS from inside and outside of the system. I worked as a paraprofessional in DPS for five years and was a member of the union. I understand the needs of a staff member as well as the needs of a parent. I have extensive knowledge of different cultures and the need for community buy-in for the success of a school. I know that a school is more than just the teachers and principal. It is the parents, the students, culture, history and the actual desire to be great.  I have watched the direction that DPS is going

Current Occupation



B.S. Microbiology/Medical Technology from Colorado State University

Associate degree Veterinarian Technician


Married; one child