Welcome to the DEVO Board

The original team that formed DEVO in 2003 has since evolved into a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of eight City employees, and a Standing Director, LaTonya Lacy, the Mayor’s Office Director. Other members of the board include

Melanie Colletti, Cecilia Zapata, Arthur Gilkison, Celena Garcia, Trisha Creech, Ramundo Perez.

Each committee member plays an active part in the management of DEVO and in coordinating the many volunteer opportunities.  The DEVO committee meets the first and third Thursday morning of every month to share ideas, discuss proposed volunteer opportunities, and plan upcoming volunteer events.  Board members serve in three year terms and come from a variety of city agencies including Parks and Recreation, DIA, Denver County Court, Denver Human Services and the Denver Public Library and bring their unique skills and talents that combine to form for a well-rounded team. 

The heart and soul of DEVO are the 1200 city employee volunteers, family members, and friends who have given thousands of hours of their personal time to DEVO sponsored events. This represents tens of thousands of dollars in volunteer time value.