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Oct 10 2013 (824 reads)

Are you ready to vote on the Denver issues (such as the marijuana taxes) in the coming November 5, 2013 ballot election?  If not, check out my ballot analysis explaining the pros and cons to some important Denver ballot proposals. 

Oct 10 2013 (778 reads)

The Citizen Survey Results are in! Check them out to see how District Two voters feel about current issues before Denver City Council. 

Oct 04 2013 (926 reads)

Results of my annual citizen survey are in and once again voters have spoken loud and clear.  In fact, of the 2,000 who responded only two topics indicated they held opinions that were close.  Otherwise, these responses were definitive.

'Hands off' by the feds means 'hands on' by city and state  Oct 04 2013 (952 reads)

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