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Albus Brooks,
Council District 8

I want to welcome everyone to the Great District 8, which represents 16 neighborhoods.  From the Central Business District, to City Park, to the Hospital District to Colfax, to Park Hill to Five Points.  District 8 is truly a place where you can live, work and play.  It is also one of the most diverse districts in the city culturally, economically and generationally; you can experience it all in District 8.

Our district borders Colfax to the South, 40th/I-70 to the North, Holly to the East and Speer to the West.  We have over 50,000 constituents in our district and a number of pets we are unable to count.

When I “imagine a great city,” I imagine a world class city that is being led by areas like the Five Points. I imagine raising a family in a community that gives them opportunities to thrive. I imagine walking the streets and seeing the fruit of what happens when we “connect diverse communities.

We are also the economic engine for the city, business recruitment and retention along with extensive public investment, which is the reason Denver recovered from the economic downturn faster than most cities in the US. We have become a national model for downtown and regional development.  This being said, it is no accident that we are being considered to host everything from the Olympics to the Super Bowl, especially when you consider the outstanding job we did with the 2008 Democratic National Convention

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Projects, Plans & Initiatives


Homelessness Initiatives for 2013

Current Resources/Services
  • The following was not available last Summer, but the additional beds for MEN will be available through this Summer (2012)
    • 200 beds at Crossroads and 100 beds at the Denver Rescue Mission
  • Both CHUM and New Jerusalem Baptist Church will have the following available
    • 40 beds total for "UNACCOMPANIED WOMEN"
  • There will be an allocation from the Crime Prevention and Control Commission (CPCC) for $350,000 dedicated to the top 500 District County Court offenders.
    • 90% are homeless individuals
Future work
  • Work on expanding the capacity to six churches for women and young people (ages 15-25)
  • Six-month and annual analysis of the utility of the Unauthorized Camping Ordinance
  • S.T.O.P.P. (Solutions to Ousting Predatory Practices)
  • Work with the Crime Prevention and Control Commission (CPCC) to leverage resources.
  • Develop a 24-hour Resource Center Working Committee through the Homeless Commission.
  • Approach City Council to pursue dedicated public funds going to Denver’s Road Home.
  • Work with Councilwoman Robin Kniech and Councilwoman Debbie Ortega on housing stock funding for Denver.

Download the full initiative plan outline

District 8 Fellowship

The mission of the District 8 Fellowship is to invest in the next generation of leaders in the city of Denver, and to empower them to be agents of progressive change by giving them the necessary tools and opportunities to build a great city.

The three month Fall Program will take a cohort of 5-8 ambitious young leaders on a transformational journey focused on providing each Fellow with a revolutionary yet pragmatic understanding of how to build a great city. In order to get relevant experience in how the City of Denver works, Fellows will work with the office of Councilman Albus Brooks to develop succinct Ordinance Reviews, as well as an in-depth Policy Proposal. Fellows will meet twice per month to discuss assigned reading, to participate in a guided discussion, and to listen to-and interact with-guest speakers and important leaders from around the city. Each Fellow will be connected with a Mentor who will meet with the Fellows at least once per month for the purposes of both personal and professional development.

Fellowship Requirements:

  • Be willing and able to spend 10-12 hours per week on Ordinance Reviews and Policy Proposals.
  • Be available to spend 2 hours, every other week, discussing assigned reading and participating in a guided discussion with guest speakers.
  • Be available to participate in a weekend orientation retreat. This will be in Denver, and will be either the weekend of October 5th-7th, or October 12th-14th.
  • Be humble and hungry, and willing to sit at the feet of wise leaders.
  • Cringe every time the following phrases are heard: status quo, business as usual, mediocrity, bare minimum, just enough, low bar, etc.

Contact Councilman Brooks

Albus Brooks
Councilman District 8
Phone: (720) 337-8888

Denver 311 Help Center
Call 3-1-1
Outside Denver Call (720) 913-1311
Emergencies: 911
TTY Service: 720-913-8479