Trail Construction & Detours

PLEASE NOTE: Starting June 22, Staff at Cherry Creek Dam and Chatfield Reservoir have increased release rates, causing water levels along S. Platte River and Cherry Creek Trails to run even higher than usual. Low lying segments of trails will likely have water on them during Bike to Work Day festivities and the following days. Due to these wet conditions plus expected heavy trail use, we urge both bikers and pedestrians to use caution!

Denver Parks and Recreation is constantly working to improve the over 100 miles of trails in the parks system. When doing improvements there may be temporary detours due to construction. We are committed to providing the safest detours available for the shortest amount of time necessary in order to minimize impacts to users.  For additional information related to current or planned detours, please refer to the project list below. (Under Construction, Available Soon)

Although we make every attempt to keep the public informed about the status of our multi-use trails, there are times when they must be closed immediately and may not be noted on this page.  Please be aware of unforeseen conditions due to weather or other unexpected events and be prepared to use alternate routes if necessary.

Trail Flooding
After the severe storm on June 24, the trail remains flooded and covered in debris in many areas. Crews are working to clean up where they are able to, but the trail will remain closed in low-lying areas until further notice.

Project: Confluence Park/Shoemaker Plaza
Detour duration: late February 2015 - August 2016
Closure: Shoemaker plaza; S. Platte Trail- 19th St. to Speer Blvd.

The first phase of Confluence Park’s master plan will begin in late February and includes the closure of Shoemaker plaza and surrounding portions of the S. Platte River Trail until August 2016. Shoemaker Plaza is located on the west side of the South Platte River near the REI store and was built in the 1970s. As part of the larger plaza reconstruction, its concrete ramps will be replaced by a 12 foot wide, fully accessible bicycle and pedestrian ramp that will meet today’s Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements. This ramp is a key connection to the South Platte River regional trail system and will provide better access to the plaza, which will be reconfigured to create more usable outdoor space for social activities and other events in Confluence Park. The cost of this project is approximately $4.2 million.

Map of Detour

Project: Weir Gulch

The South Platte Trail at Weir Gulch is back open!  Thank you for your patience.

Project Summary:

• Signature concrete jetty at confluence of S Platte River and Weir Gulch
• Signature curved bridge across Weir Gulch along SPR Trail
• Natural play area with custom play structure, sculptural play elements, natural materials and a water play feature
• Flexible turf areas for informal play
• 900+ lf of Weir Gulch channel improvements
• 525+ lf of new 12’ SPR Trail
• 950+ lf of new 10’ Weir Gulch trail
• Native wetland, riparian and upland vegetation

Construction timeline:   COMPLETED


Project: Johnson Habitat Park

I-25 & Santa Fe Drive Project (CDOT)

This detour is needed to accommodate a new I-25 & Santa Fe interchange, including a bridge over the South Platte River and Regional Trail.  If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reply to this email , contact the project by phone at 303-757-9484 or visit for more information.

Construction Timeline: June 2014 - December 2015

Project Summary:

• Environmental education elements including: river overlook, outdoor classroom with cottonwood themed trellis, urban camping area and riverside gathering space with firepit
• Nature play elements including: climbing platforms, rock sculptures, wiki-up area, sand play and ‘fox hollow’
• Signature concrete jetty along river
• Flexible turf areas for informal play
• 1,000+ lf of bank stabilization and riparian restoration along river
• 3,000+ lf of new 12’ SPR Trail, including new underpasses at Santa Fe Drive and Alameda Avenue
• Removal of invasive exotic plant species
• Native wetland, riparian and upland vegetation restoration 

Construction Timeline: June 2014 - December 2015


No detours at this time.

For other detours outside of Denver, visit

Trail Flooding
After the severe storm on June 24, the trail remains flooded and covered in debris in many areas. Crews are working to clean up where they are able to, but the trail will remain closed in low-lying areas until further notice.

Project: Havana Underpass
Beginning: June 2015, TBD
Project Summary:

Colorado Department of Transportation will be addressing erosion issues at the Havana Bridge underpass.  CDOT received federal funding from the 2013 floods which damaged the recently completed storm drain.  Work is anticipated to begin May 2015.  City staff will continue to monitor and maintain the trail condition, but in the meantime, please be cautious of debris and ice build-up at this location.

Project: Cherry Creek Storm Outfall
Dates: June 13-19, 2015
Portion of Trail Affected: at University underpass
Project Summary:
Denver Public Works will be completing work at the University outfall project.  The Cherry Creek Trail will be closed between the hours of 8:30 am – 3:30 pm during this time.  Trail users will be required to us the signalized crossing at Cherry Creek Drive North and University Boulevard.

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Project: Westerly Creek North & Uplands Prairie Park
Detour duration: February 15 - December 15, 2015
Portion of trail closed:
Westerly Creek- 33rd to 37th Ave.
Sand Creek- Smith Rd. to North Central Park Blvd. (along the break in Smith Rd.)

Project Summary:
The Westerly Creek and Sand Creek closures are in place during the construction of Westerly Creek North and Prairie Uplands parks.  The project includes realignment of the Westerly Creek channel, riparian and upland grassland restoration, wetland creation, construction of a new Sand Creek Regional trail alignment, including a new bicycle & pedestrian bridge over Westerly Creek, with connections to surrounding neighborhoods. 

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No detours in the Denver area at this time.

Project: Washington Park – Downing Street Irrigation
Detour Duration: June 8 - July 23, 2015
Portion of Trail Closed: Exposition Avenue entrance to E Kentucky Ave entrance.

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Project Summary: The closure of the running trail is needed to accommodate the installation of new irrigation laterals and mainlines between Downing Street and the restored Perennial Gardens.  The project will require trenching through the existing trail which necessitates closing this section of the trail for safety reasons.  The trail will be fully restored using the same crusher fines and reopened in mid July.  Running trail users can detour from the crusher-fines running path onto the shared pedestrian section of the Loop Road just north of the Parking Lot southwest of Smith Lake (see map), then continue on the Loop Road until the E Kentucky entrance where they can rejoin the crusher-fines running trail.