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City Loop Stakeholder Meeting
Start Date/Time: Thursday, August 15, 2013 7:30 AM
End Date/Time: Thursday, August 15, 2013 9:00 AM
Recurring Event: One time event
Importance: Normal Priority

Stakeholder Committee Meeting

Location TBD.

Owned by Parks & Rec Editor On Thursday, April 11, 2013

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Rules, Regulations & Public Policy

City & County of Denver
Department of Parks & Recreation
Notice of Public Hearing regarding
Proposed Changes to Rules and Regulations

Notice is hereby given that effective June 12, 2014 the Parks and Recreation Rules and Regulations amendments will be amended to address the following issues:

Marijuana. (39-10)  The prohibition of the consumption, use, display, transfer, distribution, sale, or growth of marijuana, as specified herein, is important to the safe and harmonious public use of Park Facilities.

8A.1: Violation: The consumption, use, display, transfer, distribution, sale, or growth of marijuana in a Park Facility is prohibited.

The Administrative Citation Rules and Regulations for the Denver Department of Parks and Regulations, as adopted May 11, 2012, are hereby amended with respect to Attachment B (Penalty Fines) to add the following fine for violation of Section 39-10(c), D.R.M.C., regarding marijuana, which fine is in accordance with Section 39-10(d), D.R.M.C.:

Section 39-10(c)
Marijuana     $150.00

The existing provisions in Attachment B pertaining to a second offense within one year and a third offense within one year shall be applicable to violations involving marijuana.

A copy of the Rules and Regulations, as amended, is on file with the Manager of Parks and Recreation and is available for public inspection on the website
. A public hearing will take place June 12 at 5:30 p.m. in the Wellington Webb Municipal Building located at 201 W Colfax Ave., 4th floor, room 4.F.6.

Manager, Parks and Recreation

This Policy is adopted by the Denver Department of Parks and Recreation (“DPR”) for the purpose of providing some clarity as to the designation status of and the protections afforded to Denver parks under the existing legal framework and to make clear the public process with respect to designation of Denver parks in accordance with the City Charter and City procedures.


Representatives to the Park Designation Steering Committee

Tentative list of Proposed Designations for spring 2014 - Round 3

Park Designation Policy (Draft)

The Plan identifies core services, points out duplication in services, recommends service provision strategies, and recommends resource allocation and pricing strategies. It enhances partnerships and helps meet the future needs of Denver residents, and those who work in and visit the community.

Full Report, June 10, 2013
Summary, June 10, 2013

Timeline (as of May 21, 2013)

Washington Park

In an effort to address the increased use of Washington Park, Denver Parks and Recreation (DPR) has committed to a variety of measures aimed to protect one of Denver’s much-treasured urban parks. The goals of these measures are to help DPR better manage the park’s natural resources, allow for a wider variety of uses in the park and lessen the impact on surrounding neighborhoods.

Denver Parks and Recreation (DPR) will manage the implementation of the following changes, which begin Memorial Day Weekend 2014. Ongoing monitoring and periodic consultation with park neighbors and patrons will be used to assess the effectiveness of the changes and make any necessary adjustments or implement additional measures:

•  Drop-in permit system for organized activities on weekends and holidays.

•  Increased servicing of existing portable bathrooms and availability of plumbed bathrooms for additional hours, including after-hours for Washington Park Recreation Center bathrooms.

•  Direct park visitors to the availability of free parking in the South High School parking lot.

•  Placement of permanent and moveable signage around the park to remind park users and visitors that only 3.2 percent beer, and no liquor or glass, is allowed in the park.

•  Increased right-of-way enforcement in the adjacent neighborhoods to ticket vehicles illegally parked in driveways or in handicapped spaces.

•  With signage and volunteers in place, Denver Park Rangers will view rule violations, including alcohol violations, with less tolerance and issue more citations for violations.

•  Increased Park Ranger patrol; deploy two full-time rangers in Washington Park on weekends.

•  Deployment of DPD Mounted Patrol on high-traffic weekend days and holidays; ramped up DPD general enforcement for the park area on all weekends and holidays.

•  Reinforced DPR education and enforcement efforts with volunteer from neighbors and patrons, through independent social media and "courtesy patrols" in the park and surrounding neighborhoods.

Through a new permitting process that will begin Memorial Day weekend and will continue every weekend through Labor Day, DPR aims to better handle the number of organized activities occurring in a single area, specifically within the meadow at Washington Park.

• The new volleyball drop-in permit system will require obtaining a day-of permit on-site at the park

• The permits are free and a deposit is not required

• Permits will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis and only one permit per person is allowed

• Permits will be limited: only 50 permits will be active at any given time

• There is no time limit on the permit and volleyball nets may be set up anywhere in the park except where specifically prohibited

• Each weekend, a Passive Area will be sectioned off.  Volleyball and other team sports will not be permitted within this area

• The Permit Station will be located east of the meadow

• Permit times are 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.

• Permit holders are asked to turn in their permits when they are finished with their activities.  Once 50 permits are issued, a wait-list will be created and those individuals will be contacted as permits become available.

• Due to special permitted events, drop-in volleyball permits will NOT be available on the following dates: 6/7, 6/28, 7/19 & 7/20 and 8/23.

Download a Permit Application. Please note, completing an application does not guarantee permit approval. Permits will be granted on a first come, first serve basis.

Goals for Denver Parks & Recreation:  

•  Protect the park’s natural resources, to allow for a wider variety of uses in the park and to lessen the impact on surrounding neighborhoods

•  Manage the volume of park patrons within a designated area in order to allow DPR to properly protect the wear and tear of the terrain

•  Balance the many uses in the meadow at Washington Park, such as small family picnics, an impromptu game of Frisbee, or other leisurely activities during the weekends

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