Event Venues

Your major event could be a wedding, a business meeting, a world-class family reunion, art show or more! And you can hold your event at one of Denver Parks and Recreation’s five historic and architecturally unique mountain lodges or park pavilions. These beautiful venues are available for intimate events of 75 to 350 people. 

Weddings, Ceremonies and Receptions
Special Occasion Permits are issued for smaller invitation-only gatherings at designated locations. These locations also include four Historic Sites and the new Central Park Stapleton with special event spaces. These special occasion sites are ideal for corporate meetings, graduations, weddings or any other invitation-only functions. Site capacities range from 25 to 350 people. You can serve beer, wine and champagne only if an Alcohol Agreement is completed and signed. Special Occasion permits require insurance and may also require trash and/or sanitary services agreements.

Please email park.permits@denvergov.org or call (720)913-0700 to learn more.

2015 Events
Historical/priority events (those events which have occurred at the same location on the same date for two consecutive years) have first right of refusal for their same location and date in 2015.  Historical/priority events will be notified by the Parks Permit Office via email the week of September 22 with specific information including their proposed 2015 date, and instructions on how to confirm for 2015.  Historical/priority events will have until close of business (4pm) on Wednesday, October 15, 2014 to confirm their 2015 date with the Parks Permit Office. We ask that historical/priority events contact the Parks Permit Office directly IF they have not been contacted by close of business (4pm) on Friday, September 26, 2014.

2015 NEW Events and Special Occasions
(private, by invitation only events)
****as of September 22, 2014***
Please check back regarding booking a new event or special occasion in a Denver park, City Park Pavilion, or Washington Park Boathouse.  We will post a weekly status update on this page.  

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