We offer introductory, intermediate, private, and group golf lessons for adults at many of our golf courses throughout Denver.
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One Person  $50/30 min.  $60/30 min.  $60/30 min.  $60/30 min.  $60/30 min.   $60/30 min.
Two to Four People    $80 first student,
$40 each additional 45 min. 
$90 first student,
$45 each additional
45 min. 
$50 each for two students,
$40 each for three+ for 45 min. 
$80 first student,
$40 each additional 45 min. 
 $80 first student,                                        $40 each additional                     45 minutes
Series of Lessons  Four private lessons:
$175/30 min. 
Four private lessons:
$200/30 min. 
$240 first student $120 for each additional student for 45 min. 
Four private lessons:
$200/30 min.
Semi Private:
$260 first student,
$130 each additional student for 45 min. 
Four private lessons:
$200/30 min. 
$175 each for two,
$150 each for three + students for 45 min. 
Four private lessons:
$200/30 min. 
$225 first student,
$125 each additional student for 45 min.

 Four private lessons:          $200                                         Semi private:                               $250 First Student                       $125 each additional           student for 45 min.

Additional Offerings    On course playing lessons, video analysis, clinics, customized corporate group events. Call us to discuss details and rates.  On course playing lessons, video 
analysis,clinics,  customized corporate group events. Call us to discuss details and rates. 
Gift Certificates  Gift Certificates   Full service club                     fitting, playing lessons, video analysis, clinics,              group outings, Junior            specific instruction

The First Tee of Denver, in a partnership with five of Denver’s city courses, is proud to help return the game to its roots while providing a great experience for local kids. Starting April 5th, when you play Willis Case, Wellshire, Overland, Kennedy, or City Park golf courses you will be able to call ahead and reserve a caddie.

To Golfers: Please support caddie programs. You will be surprised at the impact a caddie job can have on a kid. You can use this service by calling (720) 865-3416, or by sending an email to: caddies@thefirstteeofdenver.com, 48 hours in advance of your tee time. Please leave a message with: 

  • Your name
  • Tee time
  • Course you are playing
  • Number of caddies needed
  • Your phone number

We will call you back to confirm your registration. 

When you get to the course, the pro shop staff can help you locate your caddie. The caddies are performing this service on a tip-only basis. Please be patient, and a good role model on the course. Help expose these kids to golf and many of the strong traditions that make the game great. You can make it a fantastic learning experience for these hardworking young men and women.

 When you use a caddie you get the advantage of

  • Another pair of eyes to find lost balls
  • Someone to seek advice from
  • Someone to carry or pull your bag
  • Someone to ensure proper care of the course
  • You get a smiling face to help pick you up when you are not playing your best
  • And much more…..

To Caddies: You must take the responsibility of caddying seriously and take the time to learn as much as possible on and off the course. We can provide you with links to other resources to help you learn as much as you are willing. Please treat your caddie opportunity as a privilege that you can lose if you don’t take it seriously, or perform properly.

You can use this caddying opportunity to:
  • Make money
  • Earn scholarships
  • Gain job experience
  • Learn how to run your own business
  • Meet people that may influence your future career
  • Learn more about golf
  • Enjoy your time on the golf course

Caddying is hard work. If you take the time and interest to prepare yourself, you will enjoy your experience much more, make more money, and most importantly gain the respect of the people you work with.

For more information about being a First Tee of Denver caddie please contact:
Grant Casey at (720) 865-3416 or by email at grant@thefirstteeofdenver.com.

Kids four years old through their teens can learn to play golf year-round in a structured, fun junior program in our partnership with First Tee of Denver. In addition to age-grouped summer classes and activities priced $95 and up, three of the city golf courses have three and four-hole junior courses. First Tee of Denver members play free!  For more info, visit www.thefirstteeofdenver.com.

Due to unforeseen technical challenges Denver Golf will not be able to offer the VIP Pass this summer. We appreciate your prior support off the VIP Pass and look forward to your continued support when the new paperless version of the VIP Pass is released in December 2014 for the 2015 Golf Season. Quantities of the 2015 VIP Pass will be very limited. Previous supporters of the VIP Pass will have exclusive early access to purchase the 2015 VIP Pass. Look for notification of your exclusive offer in November 2014.