Capital Projects Management

Capital Projects Management is responsible for management of the design and construction of various city projects. These include streets, alleys, bridges, viaducts, storm and sanitary sewers, and streetscape improvement projects. Our annual programs include concrete curb and gutter, curb ramps, chipseal, pavement marking, and various concrete street and alley projects. We also handle on-call sewer work as well as Parks and Recreation projects each year.


The design section of Capital Projects Managment bids approximately 70 construction projects each year, which includes the preparation of plans, specifications and cost estimates for bidding, as well as the preparation and administration of contract documents for construction. Capital Projects Management also manages many consultant agreements for professional services, which are typically obtained through an RFQ/RFP process (Request for Qualifications/Request for Proposals). 


The Construction Section of Capital Projects Managment provides construction administration and supervision, field engineering and layout, inspection, quality control field and lab testing, and issues right-of-way construction permits.