Denver Public Works Finance and Administration

Finance and Administration provides financial, accounting, purchasing, information technology, personnel, and payroll services for the General Fund and Internal Service Fund operating divisions of the Public Works Department; performs mail delivery and records management coordination; conducts technical assistance in telephone, radio, pager, and data processing; and provides contract management and administration. 


Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide administrative and financial support services for the various agencies of Public Works. Due to the nature of these support functions, all aspects performed must be timely, accurate, and reflect the mission of the whole department.

Finance and Administration Responsibilities

  • Accounts Receivable - responsible for billing customers for a wide variety of permits, for code violations and placing liens on properties not in compliance. They prepare deposits for over $850,000 a year.
  • Accounts Payable - process over 8,500 vouchers totaling over $40,000,000 yearly. These vouchers are processed quickly and accurately. In fact, the Auditor's Office has used this area as an example of the proper way to get the vendor paid. 
  • Computer Services - include the upkeep and maintenance of hardware problems, hardware solutions, software problems, software upgrades, hardware upgrades, software evaluations and recommendations, network stability, network backups and restores, PC configurations and installations and software/hardware purchases.