Right of Way Enforcement

We are an organization dedicated to being the nations’ leader in providing quality customer service and management of the Public’s Right of Way utilizing technology advanced solutions.

What we do:

Right of Way Enforcement issues citations for parking violations. We address on- and off-street parking violations, private property parking violations and other violations of city parking regulations. Our officers also enforce vehicle immobilization, towing and support parking enforcement for special events, holidays, concerts and after hour university activities. We also assist in the enforcement of proper usage of signage, tables, rails and chairs and other items that may be placed by businesses on the city sidewalks.
Right of Way Enforcement governs the installation and maintenance of parking meters, and pay stations through out the City as well as the collection of the revenue generated by these parking payment options made available to the public. 
In addition to the collection of revenue and enforcement of City parking ordinances, ROWE also supports agencies that administer Residential Parking Permits, the Cash Key program, and collection of parking fines and penalties, along with continuing to analyze Denver Parking ordinances and the overall parking system to maintain a pleasant experience to those that live and visit Denver.