East Side Travel Shed Background

The East Side Travel Shed is the area between I-70 and Leetsdale Drive, from Monaco Parkway to Yosemite Street. It includes a diverse mixture of redeveloping neighborhoods and long-standing commercial and residential neighborhoods with various vehicular, pedestrian, bicycle and transit mobility challenges.

Infrastructure in the area was originally designed to provide access to Stapleton Airport, Lowry Air Force Base and Fairmont Cemetery. With the redevelopment of Stapleton and Lowry and continued growth, mobility needs in the area have changed, travel demands have increased and issues have started to arise.

Demand on the transportation system within the East Side Travel Shed is expected to continue to grow dramatically. Roadway traffic in the travel shed is expected to increase by 20 to 100 percent over existing conditions. Bicycle and pedestrian issues have also become problematic. Bicycle and pedestrian facilities vary greatly within the area. While redeveloped areas enjoy bicycle and pedestrian ease of mobility, other areas prove to be more challenging.

Transit service in the area seems to work well on major roadways. The introduction of RTD’s East Corridor line will provide even greater transit options in the coming years. The main issue is that it may be difficult to access transit in certain neighborhoods and between major roadways.