Frequently Asked Questions

Q:   What is the East Side Mobility Plan?

A:   The East Side Mobility Plan will identify ways to improve mobility in the area between I-70 and Leetsdale Drive, between Monaco Parkway and Yosemite Street. The nine-month planning effort will evaluate and make recommendations for improving vehicular, pedestrian, bicycle and transit movement in this area.

Q:   What will the East Side Mobility Plan accomplish?

A:   The East Side Mobility Plan will achieve the following main goals:

1.      Identify and evaluate the effectiveness of existing transportation elements (including vehicular, pedestrian, bicycle and transit).

2.      Develop alternatives that may be implemented independently or in conjunction with others to improve mobility through the East Side Travel Shed.

3.      Identify and prioritize options that benefit/improve mobility for people travelling by vehicle, transit, foot or bicycle.

4.      Assess the potential positive and negative impacts of the recommendations.

Q:   What solutions are you considering for improving mobility in the area?

A:   Before we start looking at solutions, we need to fully understand the challenges and problem areas in the East Side Travel Shed. For example, where is it difficult to get around as a pedestrian? What makes it challenging for vehicles to move in certain areas? We’ll identify the problem areas in the next couple of months and then begin looking at solutions to those problems early next year.  To help us better understand the mobility issues in the area, I encourage you to participate in our public workshops and surveys.


Q:   Is the City working/partnering with community and business groups in the area?

A:   Yes, we recognize the importance of actively engaging and soliciting feedback from community organizations, business entities and educational institutions in the area. As part of that effort, we have formed the East Side Mobility Task Force. Comprised of representatives from Registered Neighborhood Organizations, businesses and educational institutions in the East Side Travel Shed, the task force will meet four times throughout the study to provide input on the study’s analysis/recommendations and also serve as a critical conduit between the City and the public. We are also partnering with more than 100 organizations in the area to share project information with their members and to encourage their participation.


Q:   What happens once the East Side Mobility Plan is complete?

A:   When the plan is complete in spring 2010, we will have identified and prioritized a package of projects that should be implemented. The next steps will depend on the projects. Implementation of some projects will be simply a matter of identifying and securing funding.  For other projects, we may need to conduct further analysis of the potential impacts and ways to mitigate them before they can be implemented. Regardless, the East Side Mobility Plan will serve as the roadmap for improving mobility in the area.

Q:   How can I stay up-to-date on East Side Mobility Plan developments?

A:   In addition to continuing to visit our website, you can join our mailing list to get regular updates about the project.

Q:   How can the public participate?

A:   Public support for recommendations is an important consideration in this effort. Your participation is important. You can participate by:     

Q:   How can I get in touch with the project team?

A:   Terry Ruiter is the project manager for the East Side Mobility Plan.  She can be reached by e-mail at or by phone at (720) 865-3136