Related Efforts

The East Side Mobility Plan is a natural progression from recent City and County of Denver land-use and transportation plans. These plans identified the need to increase the capacity of Denver’s transportation networks to move more people in order to: 
  • Increase the overall efficiency of the network
  • Improve air quality
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Encourage sustainable land development patterns

Some of the plans that provide the policy context for the East Side Mobility Plan include:


1.      Strategic Transportation Plan (2008)

2.      Greenprint Denver- City of Denver Climate Action Plan (2007)

Greenprint Denver Plan (2006)


4.      Blueprint Denver: An Integrated Land Use and Transportation Plan (2002)


5.      City and County of Denver Pedestrian Master Plan (2004)


6.      Denver Bicycle Master Plan (2001) 


Other plans that provide the utility infrastructure needs within the study area include:

1.      Denver’s Storm Drainage Master Plan  (rev 2010)


2.      Denver Sanitary Sewer Master Plan (2009)