About the Plan

The East Side Mobility Plan is a nine-month effort that will identify ways to improve mobility in the area from I-70 to Leetsdale Drive, between Monaco Parkway and Yosemite Street.

This effort is the city’s first implementation of the 2008 Strategic Transportation Plan. The Strategic Transportation Plan marked a critical shift in the way the city approaches transportation planning. It put the emphasis on solutions that move people instead of vehicles.

The East Side Mobility Plan will achieve the following main goals:

  1. Identify and evaluate the effectiveness of existing transportation elements (including vehicular, pedestrian, bicycle and transit). 

  2. Develop alternatives that may be implemented independently or in conjunction with others to improve mobility through the East Side Travel Shed.

  3. Identify and prioritize options that benefit/improve mobility for people travelling by vehicle, transit, foot or bicycle.

  4. Assess the potential positive and negative impacts of the recommendations.