Comprehensive Community Assessment

During 2010, Denver’s Great Kids Head Start completed a comprehensive community assessment of the early care and education needs of low-income children birth to age five and their families. Included in the assessment is information on the demographic make-up of Head Start and Early Head Start children residing in the City and County of Denver, data on children with disabilities, and information regarding family needs related to health, nutrition and social services.

The information below includes links to briefing papers, the full report, and maps including the demographic and socio-economic characteristics of Denver’s neighborhoods.


Samples of key findings include:

  • Of the 61,057 children under age six living in Denver, 11,937 live in poverty, which for 2011 is $22,350 for a family of four.
  • Denver is comprised of 48.5% racially/culturally diverse population groups.
  • Denver’s non-English speaking populations under 18 make up more than half of the poverty level groups.  


Head Start 2010 Community Assessment (PDF) 2010 Comprehensive Community Assessment of Denver's Great Kids Head Start 
2010 Executive Summary  (PDF) Executive summary of the 2010 Comprehensive Community Assessment
2010 Executive Summary-Spanish (PDF) Evaluación comprensiva de la comunidad del 2010
Overview of the Community Assessment (PDF) Brief provides an overview of the 2010 Community Assessment
 Overview of the Community Assessment Spanish (PDF)  Resumen de la Evaluacion de la Comunidad
Understanding the Community Environment Through Its Children, Families and Language Groups  (PDF) Brief focuses on understanding the community environment through its children, families, and language groups
Early Head Start and Head Start Eligible Populations (PDF) Brief focuses on highlighting the socioeconomic status and racial/ethnic backgrounds of the residents from the neighborhoods.
Head Start Programs: Whom Do We Serve? (PDF) Brief focuses on the children and families served by Head Start.
What Differences have Early Head Start and Head Start Made? (PDF) Brief focuses on the impact of the Early Head Start and Head Start programs on parents, stakeholders, and staff. 
Map Attachments to Community Assessment Report
Child Poverty (PDF) Child Poverty & Estimated Number of Children Eligible for Head Start by Neighborhood
Neighborhood by Race: White (PDF) Neighborhood by Race: White
Neighborhood by Race:  Latino (PDF) Neighborhood by Race:  Latino 
Neighborhood by Race: African American (PDF) Neighborhood by Race:  African American 
Majority Racial Group by Neighborhood (PDF) Majority Racial Group by Neighborhood 
Poverty By Neighborhood and Race (PDF)  Poverty By Neighborhood and Race 
Percent of Eligible Children Enrolled (PDF) Percent of Eligible Children Enrolled by Neighborhood
Availability of Child Care (PDF)  Licensed Child Care Centers