Denver Afterschool Alliance

About the Denver Afterschool Alliance

We are a citywide collaborative of community stakeholders working together to ensure Denver youth have access to quality afterschool programs and enrichment opportunities that will help them achieve success now and in the future.

As a sponsored initiative of the Office of Children’s Affairs, our alliance is made up of city and school leaders working closely with program providers. Together, we are invested in the well-being and success of Denver youth. We believe a focus on quality standards and data-driven decisions will help ensure Denver youth have the opportunity to safely learn, grow and thrive during the time they are not in school.

Our Vision

All Denver youth will achieve success now and in the future through active participation in diverse, quality afterschool programs.

Our Mission

To develop a sustainable, citywide afterschool system to increase access to and participation in quality afterschool programs for all of Denver's youth in order to keep kids safe, inspire kids to learn and prepare them for the future.

Our Strategies

There are six strategies that the Denver Afterschool Alliance will employ in order to positively impact quality, access, sustainability, and advocacy for the afterschool field.

  1. Develop and publish quality standards for afterschool programs
    Together, we influence policy, build public awareness and advocate for the value and impact of quality afterschool programs in Denver.
  2. Support continuous quality improvement based upon data
    Through the use of nationally recognized quality improvement practices, a targeted group of afterschool providers will receive intense training and coaching so as to implement best practices and strengthen program quality.
  3. Assess and improve the effectiveness of programs in meeting identified youth outcomes
    Through data house within the Community Partnership System, as well as additional measures such as youth development surveys, afterschool providers will gain access to critical data points, with a targeted group receiving coaching and technical assistance so as to increase data-driven decision making.
  4. Increase access to high quality programs by aligning program capacity to student need
    Through the promotion and utilization of the afterschool program locator, a more comprehensive picture of current afterschool offerings will be apparent.  When matched with local data focused on concentration of youth, social-economic factors and other important measures, questions of access can be better addressed.
  5. Provide the financial resources for city-wide infrastructure supports and advocate for program sustainability
    As quality and data systems continue to develop, increased access to high quality youth programs will be realized, resulting in measurable impacts on youth. As the foundation for this infrastructure continues to grow, resources will be required to sustain and expand the work to additional organizations.  As desired youth outcomes are realized, program stability and financial resources will be critical to long-term impacts. 
  6. Advocate on behalf of the afterschool field
    A comprehensive communications strategy will connect the afterschool field with complementary social service and education fields, clearly demonstrating the success and possibilities to be achieved through collaboration.  By raising the profile of afterschool within the general public, a better understanding and higher level of support will be possible.

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Staff Contact Information

Maxine Quintana
Denver Afterschool Alliance