Afterschool Program Benefits

Afterschool programs make a difference by…

Keeping your child safe

Violent juvenile crimes triple between the hours of 3:00 pm and 8:00 pm and it is during this time that children are the most at risk of either committing or becoming the victim of a crime. Afterschool programs support youth by providing a safe, productive place for them to spend the time they are not in school. Afterschool programs can also help reduce the likelihood of youth engaging in risky behavior such as smoking and drug use and are effective in reducing violence, theft, vandalism, gang activity and other adolescent crimes. Issue Brief No. 27

Inspiring your child to learn and stay engaged in school
Every child learns differently. By providing students with enrichment activities and options such as sports, art, music, cultural experiences and other alternative ways of learning, afterschool programs improve children’s social skills, give them more confidence, create higher educational and career aspirations and motivate them to consistently attend school. Quality afterschool programs have been proven to help kids excel, prevent school drop-out and prepare them for the future. Issue Brief No. 31

Supporting working families
Afterschool programs give parents the freedom to work and provide peace of mind in knowing that their children are in a safe and productive place while they are at work. Parents miss an average of eight days of work per year due to a lack of afterschool care and afterschool programs provide options and solutions that benefit the whole family. Issue Brief No. 16

Helping your child stay healthy
Afterschool programs play a role in promoting healthy lifestyles for children and there are a variety of afterschool programs available to Denver youth that encourage health and fitness in fun ways. A study of afterschool programs shows that obesity is significantly lower among program participants at 21 percent compared to 33 percent for non-participants. Issue Brief No. 24   (Source: J., Lord, H., & Carryl, E., Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2005) 

Preparing your child for tomorrow’s workforce
Afterschool programs are a powerful way to help children develop skills for the 21st century workplace. Afterschool programs provide benefits to older youth that reach well beyond the school day, offering avenues to college and the workplace by exposing youth to global issues, providing opportunities to develop and use technology, and promoting cross-cultural understanding, collaborative thinking, leadership and civic participation.  Issue Brief No. 36  (Source: Asia Society. Partnership for Global Learning (2009). Expanding Horizons: Building Global Literacy in Afterschool Programs.) 

For Parents