Afterschool Research

Decades of research and evaluation studies confirm that children and youth who participate in afterschool and summer programs can reap a host of positive benefits that impact their development and provide them with the skills that they need to succeed in the 21st Century.  This section includes national research that shows the benefits of afterschool programs.

  • Keeping Kids and Communities Safe (PDF)
    Data on the impact of afterschool programs in decreasing youth crime, and increasing youth safety, making communities as a whole safer for you and your family.
  • Afterschool Fosters School Success (PDF)
    Data that demonstrates how afterschool programs support your child’s success both in and outside of the classroom by focusing on their social and emotional development and preventing them from engaging in risky behaviors, as well as supporting academic achievement. 
  • Afterschool Programs Help Working Families  (PDF)
    Research on the role that afterschool programs play in providing a safe, enriching environment for your child while you are work, allowing you to focus on work and ultimately improve the life of your family.
  • Childhood Obesity Prevention & Afterschool Programs  (PDF)
    Facts behind the role that afterschool plays in keeping your child active and healthy to combat childhood obesity.  
  • Afterschool and Workforce Development – Helping Kids Compete 
    Research on how afterschool programs can help your child develop the necessary skills needed for the 21st Century workplace.

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