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TYPE 1 VIOLATIONS - Found 3 (of possible 36)
These items are related directly to foodborne illness
    e. Hold cold at 41 °F or less
    c. In place
    b. Inaccessible
TYPE 2 VIOLATIONS - Found 0 (of possible 28)
Those which normally are unlikely to cause food-borne illness, but if left uncorrected could impede the operation of the restaurant
No Type 2 Violations!
Inspector Comments:
  INVESTIGATOR COMMENTS: Inspection conducted with Thuy Vu and Sheilah Winter. Inspector retained two empty glass bottles that were used to hold the infused essential oils. The operator gave the inspector permission to take the two bottles. Each of the bottles contained a label. One bottle had the label for the hemp infused oil and one bottle had the label for marijuana infused oil. **03e - Hold cold at 41 °F or less (Regulation Section 3-401 Temperature) Cold potentially hazardous food is not held at a temperature of 41° F or colder. INVESTIGATOR COMMENTS: Observed over 100 bottles of essential oils infused with marijuana that are food grade and consumable. Inspector also observed about 50 bottles of hemp infused oils that are food grade and consumable sitting at room temperature. All of the bottles were sitting on a speed rack on metal trays at room temperature. The temperature of potentially hazardous foods shall be forty-one degrees Fahrenheit (41° F) or below at all times. According to the operator, the final product is heated to 260 degrees F for 90 minutes before being sealed. The facility is hot sealing the bottles, then placing them on the shelves to prepare for shipping. Inspector had a conversation with the operator about testing the hemp oil for pH and water activity. Due to there not being a laboratory that is licensed to test the pH and water activity of the marijuana infused products, these items must remain in refrigeration at 41 degrees F or below at all times. Violation to be re-inspected. 04c - In place (Regulation Section 4-403 Equipment and Utensil Cleaning and Sanitization) Food contact surfaces are not sanitized on in-place equipment due to weak sanitizer concentration. INVESTIGATOR COMMENTS: Observed two in place quaternary ammonium sanitizer buckets under the two preparation tables where active food preparation was taking place with undetectable sanitizer concentration. Inspector's quaternary ammonium test strips did not register any concentration of detectable sanitizer. Per staff member, the in place sanitizer bucket is used to wipe both food and non-food contact surfaces and was in place during active food handling. In place sanitizer buckets shall be frequently replaced and tested to ensure proper sanitization to register between 150 and 400PPM quaternary ammonium residual per manufacturer's label. Violation was discussed with operator and new sanitizer buckets with proper sanitizer concentration were put in place. Violation corrected on site. 06b - Inaccessible (Regulation Section 5-208 Hand washing Lavatory, Water Temperature, and Flow) Hand sink in the facility is inaccessible/obstructed. INVESTIGATOR COMMENTS: Observed an employee preparing packaging for the final product being prepared in the kitchen at the time of the inspection on a metal push cart and a chair directly in front of the only hand sink in the kitchen area. The inspector had to physically move the chair in order to properly wash her hands. Hand sinks shall be conveniently located and unobstructed for employees involved in food and utensil handling. Hand sinks shall be accessible to employees at all times and used only for hand washing. Inspector had a conversation with the employee about keeping the hand sink accessible at all times to ensure active food handlers can wash their hands. Through conversation and physically removing the chair, violation corrected.
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Note: You may click on any violation to get a description  of that violation.