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Cancer Buddies is temporarily suspending services while the transition plan of the operations, previously handled by the Office of Employee Assistance, is discussed.

Updates will be announced on this website as they occur.

Cancer can impact any area of your life, from personal relationships to employment. Living with cancer is a challenge. As you learn to cope with the challenge of cancer, remember you are not alone. The Cancer Buddies Program was developed specifically for City employees. City employee survivors can be a great source of help as other City employees attempt to deal with the challenge of cancer. 
Clearly, City employees have many things in common that may not be found in other support groups such as:
            • Having the same employer
            • Same health care providers
            • Same concerns and fear caused by being diagnosed with the illness
Sharing experiences with other City employee survivors can be a way to break the isolation and learn that there are many City employees dealing with this illness.

The American Cancer Society is in support of this program and has more information on specific topics. Please see the American Cancer Society web site 

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