Division Goals

At Environmental Health we are dedicated to create a World Class City in Denver that is focused on a maintaining a Healthy Environment and a Healthy Planet. Through a mixture of programs, initiatives, and action we ensure that Denver is clean, green, and environmentally sustainable in a variety of areas.

Protect air, land, and water quality for Denver’s residents
  • Denver’s air quality will meet all health standards by 2020.
  • Denver’s streams will be safe for recreational use by 2020.
Manage and reduce the City’s environmental risk
  • All known contaminated city-owned sites will be cleaned by 2020.
Implement sustainable environmental initiatives.  
  • Greenhouse gas emissions will be at or below 1990 levels by 2020.

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Latest News

Oct 17, 2014

While Colorado has no suspected or confirmed cases of Ebola and the risk of contracting Ebola is still very low, multiple agencies, including Denver’s Office of Emergency Management, Denver Environmental Health, Denver Public Health and Denver International Airport are working closely to monitor the spread of the disease, identify risks, and plan for the possibility of a case in the metro area.