2014 Denver Mini-Bonds


We have sold out of all Denver Mini-Bonds.

Thank you, Colorado, for your overwhelming response to the 2014 Denver Mini-Bonds. Coloradans purchased all of the Denver Mini-Bonds available—a total of $12 million—before the end of our planned order period. We are thrilled to be able to use the proceeds from these bonds to complete the final phases of the Better Denver projects approved by Denver voters, particularly improvements to the city’s outstanding cultural facilities.

Common Questions

Municipal bonds are bonds issued by state or local governments generally to raise funds for public capital projects.

Most municipal bonds are available in denominations of $5,000 or more, and are typically purchased by large institutions such as banks and bond funds. Denver Mini-Bonds are affordable general obligation municipal bonds, available for $500, and can only be purchased by individuals who are Colorado residents. 

Denver Mini-Bonds may be purchased by individual investors who are Colorado residents. Custodians, under the Colorado Uniform Transfers to Minors Act (UTMA), may purchase Denver Mini-Bonds for minors residing in the State of Colorado.

Proceeds from the 2014 Denver Mini-Bonds will be applied to complete the final phases of Better Denver projects, particularly improvements to the city’s outstanding cultural facilities. Since voters approved the bond issue in 2007, the City has invested more than $538 million in restoring, refurbishing, and replacing city infrastructure. 

Yes, this is the fifth time the city has issued Mini-Bonds. The last Mini-Bond issue was in 2007.

The 2014 Denver Mini-Bonds are structured similar to U.S. Savings Bonds. Each Denver Mini-Bond is purchased for $500, and through the compounding of interest over the life of the bond, it matures to the full face value.

There are two options for the 2014 Denver Mini-Bonds:

1.     Pay $500 for a Denver Mini-Bond that grows to $750 at maturity in 2023 (9 years).
4.38% Tax-Free Yield*

2.     Pay $500 for a Denver Mini-Bond that grows to $1,000 at maturity in 2028 (14 years).
4.89% Tax-Free Yield*

*For most initial purchasers, interest on the bonds (the difference between the initial purchase price of $500 and the $750 or $1,000 payable at maturity) is totally free of federal and Colorado income taxes. See the Official Statement section titled “TAX MATTERS” for a detailed explanation.

No, there are no fees or commissions associated with these bonds. 

Bond purchases are limited to 40 per registered bond owner ($20,000). 

Yes. There are $6 million in Mini-Bonds available in each maturity. Once those are sold, no more will be available.

Denver’s general obligation bonds carry the highest investment-quality bond rating from national rating agencies—Aaa by Moody’s and AAA by Fitch and Standard & Poor’s. 

The Denver Mini-Bonds will be available for purchase ONLY August 4 – 8, 2014. These bonds are limited in quantity, and may sell out prior to the close of the order period. Ordering early is recommended. 

Because these bonds are limited in quantity, ordering online is recommended. Order online now.

You can also print the order form, fill it in, and either mail it to:

            Denver Mini-Bonds
        c/o Zions First National Bank
        Attn: Corporate Trust Services
            1001 17th St., Suite 850
            Denver, CO 80202

Or hand-deliver it to:

Vectra Bank
1650 S. Colorado Blvd.
Denver, CO 80222

Detailed instructions are included with the order form.

Mailed and hand-delivered orders must include a cashier’s check payable to "Manager of Finance" for the total amount you are purchasing. No other form of payment will be accepted.

Mailed orders must be received by Friday, August 8, 2014.

Hand-delivered orders must be received by 3 p.m., Friday, August 8, 2014.

*Note that Denver Mini-Bonds are limited, and they may sell out before the close of the order period. Ordering early is recommended—and the fastest way is online.

Once you enter your purchase information on the online order screen, click the “Submit” button and you will be taken to a secure site where you will enter your bank account information for a one-time electronic debit to your account.

If your order is filled, you will receive one bond certificate per maturity on or about October 10, 2014. 

It’s a good idea to keep your certificate in a safe place so you’ll be able to present it at maturity. There will be a fee for replacing a lost certificate. 

Download and review the Official Statement, which provides essential details of the bonds. You may also call the Bond Line at 720-865-7154.

Interest is accrued semi-annually beginning December 15, 2014 and on every June 15 and December 15 until maturity, based on a 360 day year with twelve 30 day months.  The difference between the purchase price and maturity value represents the accrued interest and is only paid at maturity.

Yes. A toll-free telephone number will be provided with your Mini-Bond certificate so you can contact the bond registrar and request a transfer packet. See the “Transfer and Exchange” section on page 5 of the Official Statement.
Initial registration must be in one of the three options provided: Individual Name, Joint Tenants (with right of survivorship) or as Custodian for a Minor. Once you receive your Mini-Bond certificate you can have it transferred into any other name or into a trust. See the “Transfer and Exchange” section on page 5 of the Official Statement.

No, the Mini-Bonds are intended to be held until maturity.

No. Principal and accrued interest will only be paid at maturity. 

No. Brokerages only hold securities that are book-entry, have an identifying number known as a CUSIP number, and which are able to be traded or have a secondary market. These are physical bond certificates which have none of these characteristics. 

Interest Rate Returns

4.38% Tax-Free Yield*

$500 bonds grow to $750 at maturity in 2023. Only $6 million available.

4.89% Tax-Free Yield*

$500 bonds grow to $1,000 at maturity in 2028. Only $6 million available.

* Limit 40 bonds ($20,000 purchase price) per registered owner.

Find out More

Download Official Statement or call the Mini-Bond Line at (720) 865-7154.

About the Program

For the fifth time in its history, the City and County of Denver is offering tax-free Denver Mini-Bonds. Available only to Colorado residents, these unique investment offerings are the fulfillment of a Better Denver bond election approved by Denver voters in 2007.

Proceeds from these bonds will be used to complete the final phases of Better Denver projects, particularly improvements to the city’s outstanding cultural facilities.

Questions about the Denver Mini-Bond Program? Contact Us at (720) 865-7154.