Cash, Risk & Capital Funding

The Cash, Risk and Capital Funding Division manages the cash position, oversees cash handling practices, coordinates commercial banking services, and invests the City's funds.  We also oversee the debt issuance and administration process for City debt and special district/economic development related activities.  In addition, the Division is responsible for the identification, analysis and management of the City's risk and exposure to loss related to the activities of the City and its department, agencies, and employees.

City Office Closures

Most city offices will be closed on Monday, September 1st for the Labor Day holiday.

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The functions of our Cash Handling sections include:

The City invests its funds to provide the highest investment return consistent with preservation of principal and provision of the liquidity necessary for daily cash flow demands. 

Manages the secure and efficient collection, deposit, disbursement, tracking and reconciliation of funds by:

  • Ensuring compliance with Denver Revised Municipal Code and City Charter
  • Managing bank contracts and services
  • Ongoing bank product analysis
  • Ensuring compliance with credit card and banking industry rules and regulations


We manage the City's risk and exposure to loss through the following functions:

The City analyzes its Risks and selects the appropriate risk management strategy to most effectively and efficiently preserve, protect and enhance the assets of the City.

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The Safety unit develops and implements Citywide policies and provides oversight of safety activities in agencies and departments, including auditing compliance with the objectives of the City’s Occupational Safety Program. This unit also inspects City facilities for safety or physical loss concerns and provides advice to agencies in a variety of risk control areas.

The unit administers the City’s self-insured workers’ compensation program and Internal Service Fund. Its primary functions are to evaluate workers’ compensation claims to determine the City’s liability and act to minimize loss; to authorize payments for indemnity and medical costs of claims; and to arrange for the return to work of workers’ compensation claimants at the earliest possible date.

Capital Funding

We administer all bonds and other obligations of the City and its enterprises including:

Administers the City's and its enterprises debt obligations including general obligation bonds, revenue bonds and certificates of participation.  

Oversee the issuance of Private Activity Bonds (PAB) in support of Down Payment Assistance for first time home buyers, affordable housing, business development loans, multi-family housing and other community organizations.

Oversee the creation and monitoring of Metropolitan, Business Improvement, and General Improvement Districts.  In addition, fiscal impact modeling is conducted on proposed Tax Increment Finance (TIF) Districts.

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Make sure that you download and furnish a completed Form W-9 or exemption certificate or equivalent when presenting your securities.

Other Resources

Annual Financial Disclosure Statements are prepared to fulfill disclosure covenants in connection with Bonds and other Obligations of the City.

Download the presentation (PDF) that was given at the Bank of America Western States Investor Conference on March 20, 2013.

Download the letter that market participants must receive and use for purposes of the independent registered municipal advisor exemption to the SEC Municipal Advisor Rule.