The Operations Division is responsible for the day to day provision of emergency services to citizens. Members assigned to the Operations Division respond to all calls for emergency medical assistance, auto accidents, structure fires and major disasters within the City and County of Denver, while providing mutual aid to surrounding communities.

The city is divided into six response Districts with Denver International Airport designated as a separate Division. Each District operates under the direction of Assistant Chiefs assigned to oversee the operation of up to eight pieces of apparatus. Assistant Chiefs are the Incident Commander at all incidents involving two or more pieces of apparatus.

The members of the Operations Division act as an all-hazards response agency responding to citizen calls for assistance, regardless of the nature, providing a safety blanket that allows the city to maintain high standards and a quality of life.

The Operations Division is also responsible for the co-ordination of the EMS Education and recertification for all members of the Denver Fire Department. In addition to responding to emergency calls, all Denver Fire Stations also participate in a Fire Prevention program by inspecting and pre-planning all local area businesses, apartment buildings, schools, hospitals, nursing homes etc. on an annual basis.

All fire stations also participate within their community with neighborhood groups by attending numerous gatherings and showing support for their area. Operation’s staff is continuously involved in community events’ reading programs, tutoring, fire safety talks, homeowners’ association meeting, demonstrations, community gathering, etc.

In order to address concerns over weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and other terrorist threats, Operations has been analyzing response capabilities and providing intensive training to address those issues. Local and Inter-jurisdictional training sessions have been conducted related to biological, nuclear and chemical threats. A good portion of this training has been acquired through grants resulting in no cost to the City.