Becoming Registered as an Apprentice

To be registered as an apprentice, you must:

  • Be registered in an approved apprentice training program focusing on the installation, repair and alteration of fire systems or electrical systems, or
  • Have a signed agreement in place with a contractor, indicating that within six (6) months of your hire you will be required to begin and complete an approved course of study and work experience.
  • Apply to be registered and pay the $20 registration fee.

License / Apprentice Card

Upon successfully passing the test or registering as an apprentice, you will be issued a license or an apprentice card, which is laminated and comes with a lanyard and a clip so that it can be kept with you while you are at work. You may slip the license or card into your pocket at times when it would be in the way, but in general it is to be kept visible at all times while on the job site.