Hazardous Materials / HMR

Across the globe releases of hazardous materials have endangered employees, the public, emergency responders, adjacent properties and the environment. By adhering to national and local standards, the incidents in Denver have been reduced to a few isolated cases.
Operators of companies and businesses using, storing, dispensing, producing, or handling hazardous materials (HazMat) are required to contact the Hazardous Materials Unit in the Fire Prevention Division (FPD) to ensure the respective facilities are in compliance with both federal and Denver municipal regulations. 

FPD's Hazardous Materials Unit manages hazardous materials compliance with specific code requirements for reviews, permits, and inspections.  This benefits everyone potentially exposed to the hazards of an accidental release or operational failure.

A new HazMat permit application generally occurs in two steps:  the first is relatively small in scope and used to determine whether a more comprehensive application is necessary; the second--when necessary--includes more detailed information to determine required mitigation features, systems and components, and to assist in emergency incidents.

A renewing HazMat application generally only requires transferring the data submitted for the previous HazMat Operational Permit to the most recent version of the HazMat Report (HMR).

Below are downloadable instructions in 2007 MIcrosoft Word and input forms in 2007 MIcrosoft Excel that allow the HazMat quantities and locations at your business. Please send the completed workbook to Captain Donald Randolph at FPD's HazMat Unit at DFDHMIS@denvergov.org.  Please contact us at 720-913-3497 with any questions about accessing the documents below or completing the HMR workbook.

The primary components of a HazMat application are:

1.  HMR (Hazardous Materials Report)

This is a 2007 Microsoft Excel workbook containing input forms for Contacts, Building description, HazMat area descriptions, and a HazMat Inventory Statement (HMIS).  It is used by FPD to determine code compliance and data needed for permit issuance. 

2.  HMMP (Hazardous Materials Management Plan)

This is primarily a set of up to three facility graphic plans depicting locations, types, and amounts of HazMat and emergency equipment.  See the instructions for details on generating an HMMP.  The HMMP does not need to be submitted with permit renewals provided there are no changes to the information it depicts. 

Depending on the nature of the hazards and the quantity of materials, additional documents may be required in the HazMat Operational Permit Application, including an Emergency Action Plan (EAP) and SARA Title 3 Tier 2 Report.

Please read this memorandum about Hazardous Reporting and Permits in Denver.

To apply for a HazMat Operational Permit or ask any questions about HazMat permits or HMRs, please contact FPD's HazMat Unit at:

Denver Fire Department Fire Prevention Division

Hazardous Materials Permits and Inspections

745 W. Colfax Avenue, 1st Floor

Denver, CO  80204

Monday - Friday         7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. 

Phone:  720-913-3497

Email:  don.randolph@denvergov.org 

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Downloadable Forms

Apply for Hazardous Materials Permit

To apply for a hazardous materials permit, or if you have questions about Hazardous Materials Permits or HMIS, please contact us at:

Denver Fire Department Fire Prevention Division
Hazardous Materials Permits and Inspections
745 West Colfax Avenue, First Floor
Denver, CO 80204

Monday - Friday 
7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. 
Phone: 720-913-3513

email: roy.johnson@denvergov.org