Life-Safety Systems Acceptance Testing

After a life-safety system has been installed, inspection personnel from the Fire Prevention unit must conduct an inspection to determine that is has been installed properly and is functional. 
Life-safety systems that require testing include:
  • fire alarms
  • fire sprinklers
  • smoke detection and alarms
  • carbon monoxide detection and alarms
  • smoke control
  • public-address systems
  • firefighters emergency communications systems
  • emergency generators
  • fire pumps
  • radio enhancement systems
  • kitchen hood extinguishing systems
  • special extinguishing systems
  • emergency elevator recall

A successful life-safety systems acceptance test usually results in a temporary or permanent certificate of occupancy.
There is no charge for initial acceptance testing unless you need to schedule the testing for a time outside normal business hours. If initial acceptance testing occurs outside normal business hours, a fee is charged. A fee is also charged for any re-tests (i.e., in cases when the initial test or subsequent tests determined that the system did not function in accordance with applicable standards). 
Refer to the installation permit for details about timing of and arranging for a post-installation inspection, or contact the Life-Safety Systems Acceptance Testing Group at 720-913-3480 or