Plan Review

The City and County of Denver requires that plans and specifications be reviewed by plan review experts prior to approval of building or installation permits. The purpose is to provide safety through ensuring compliance with local ordinances, including the fire code.
The plan review process involves personnel from a number of different agencies, so in most cases you will need to start elsewhere--not directly with the Fire Department--and the appropriate portions of the review will be directed to us. 
Here are some general guidelines:

If you are planning . . .

  Please see:

a multi-family or commercial construction project

  Denver Development Services website

a single-family residence or small project

to install life-safety systems (fire alarm, fire sprinklers, smoke detection, carbon monoxide detection, smoke control, emergency communications systems, etc.) that are not part of a larger, overall construction project
  Fire Department Plan Check unit
       ---  OR  ---  
  Over the Counter / Walkthrough Plan
  Check service
(for small systems)

If you would like to discuss specific issues or design questions about your project with our Plan Review personnel before submitting formal plans

  Pre-Application Plan Review Service

If you are a design professional, contractor, member of the building trades or just a member of the community who would like to engage the consulting services of our Fire Protection Engineers


 Denver Fire Department Fire Protection Engineers and uniformed firefighters in the plan review unit review:

  • Site plans
  • Water plans
  • Building and life safety system plans and specifications


They are also equipped to prepare recommendations or consult with individuals involved in building construction, remodeling or renovations. They contribute a high level of technical ability to the plan review process, interpretations, consultations, and the preparation of recommendations for a broad range of complex fire protection problems, and their expertise is recognized by architects, engineers, builders, and other professionals involved in the building process.