Plan Review, Systems Testing and Occupancy

This page contains information related to building construction, testing of life-safety systems, and building occupancy.  Click on any of the links at left under this category to find more information.

Two Fee Increases for 2011

 Effective January 1, 2011, new fees are in place for two construction-related services:

 *     Fire Safety Systems Retest - for systems (smoke alarms, fire alarms, sprinkler systems, etc.) that have failed a previous functionality/compliance test. In many cases, we find that, due to pressures to move the project forward, the contractor has not pre-tested the system; in other words, contractors are using the first City test as their pre-test.  We encourage contractors to perform their own pre-test to avoid having to pay a retest fee. The new fee is $300 for the first retest and $500 for each subsequent retest. (There is no change for initial acceptance testing unless you need to schedule the testing for a time outside normal business hours.)

 *     Contractor-paid Overtime / Standby Personnel  - for fire safety system inspections or fire safety systems acceptance testing that the contractor has requested be conducted outside normal business hours.  The new hourly fee is $80.  In accordance with Denver Fire Code Section 106.2.9, the fee increase applies to standby personnel.

 Both fees can be avoided by a contractor’s diligent preparation (i.e., pre-testing systems) and scheduling of all inspections and testing during normal business hours.

CPOT Fees - Ltr to Contractors 12-28-10.DOC