Special Detail Program (Events)

If you are holding a public event involving 250 or more people, the Denver Fire Code requires you, as the event manager, to hire a firefighter, or multiple firefighters, depending on the size of the event, to be present to ensure public safety by:

  • Ensuring that exits remain open and unblocked
  • Providing crowd control
  • Acting as liaison to emergency response crews in the event of an emergency incident
  • Supervising pyrotechnics, fog machine, and other special effects to ensure that these operations are done in a safe, code-complying manner
  • For events involving motorized vehicles, monitoring carbon monoxide levels


These Special Detail Firefighters are specially trained and selected to participate in the program. As the event manager, you are required to schedule their participation and pay for their services.

For more information, please contact Lieutenant Scott Buccieri (720-913-3448; scott.buccieri@denvergov.org).

If you are planning to hold an event, please complete the Special Event Permit Application below and fax to the Fire Prevention office at 720-913-3596.  For information on fees for special events please refer to the Permit Fee Table.