Fire Department Ride-A-Long

Section 34 Ride-Along Guidelines

The following Guidelines must be followed prior to an individual doing a Ride-Along.
  1. All Ride-Alongs must be approved through the Assistant Chief of Operations. No exceptions will be allowed.


  2. District Chiefs or Company Officers may cancel a Ride-Along at any time at their discretion.


  3. The District Chief shall be notified anytime a Ride-Along is granted.


  4. No one will be allowed to ride without first appearing in person, at the Operations Division, and presenting a legal picture identification with current address (please call for an appointment)


  5. No one will be allowed to ride without having a waiver and confidentiality statement signed by himself/herself and the Operations Division Assistant Chief or designee.


  6. All riders must be a minimum of eighteen (18) years of age to ride on department apparatus.


  7. Riders must be a Citizen of the City and County of Denver. Exceptions may be granted if the individual is sponsored by the company officer the individual will be riding with. Other exceptions will be reviewed and granted at the discretion of the Operations Division Chief and or designee.


  8. Riders are not to take part in emergency scene operations or to interfere with the duties of the fire companies on which they are riding.


  9. Riders will be held to the same Conduct Standards as firefighters. Officers should see that these standards are adhered to.


  10. Riders must abide by all patient confidentiality requirements of the HIPA act.


  11. Riders must wear proper apparel while riding with the department. Needed safety equipment will be provided by the station granting the ride. No jewelry of any kind will be allowed.


  12. Riders must be neat and clean in appearance. Company Officers should use their discretion when allowing a Ride-Along.


  13. Ride-Alongs will be granted from 0730 to 1700 hours only. Company Officer may extend this time to 2200 hours at their discretion with permission from the District Chief. No twenty four hour ride a-longs will be permitted.


  14. Exceptions will be given to medical residents or can be granted by the Operations Division Chief or the Operations Assistant Chief.

    Note: All Cadets will be required to fill out an emergency form and present their driver’s license and Cadet ID at the beginning of each New Year with the Operations Division. All new Cadets must come to the Operations Office & present Driver’s License, Cadet ID & fill out appropriate forms before their first ride with the Denver Fire Department.

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