Graffiti Ordinances

Denver City Council has approved the ordinance change calling for quicker cleanup of graffiti.  What does that mean to you?  It means that together, you and the City are saying “we’re proud of Denver, and graffiti vandalism will not be tolerated here!” 

Here’s a review of the new ordinance…

What’s different?

  • Quicker graffiti cleanup turnaround time after notification (once posted, 48 hours for non-residential property and 72 hours for residential property) from previous 10 days

What’s the same?

  • Free graffiti-removal assistance from the City, upon request
  • Free graffiti-removal supplies (paint, etc.) from the City
  • Shared responsibility for graffiti abatement
  •  to remove graffiti from private property

What are the benefits?
  • Decrease the time graffiti vandalism is present in a community
  • Decrease the incidents and frequency of repeat vandalism on a property
  • Make nearby properties less vulnerable to graffiti vandalism
  • Support the efforts of conscientious owners and tenants who maintain their property
  • Improve City abatement team response time

This change was made following a recommendation from the Graffiti Task Force. Download the Task Force Recommendations.