Preventing Graffiti Vandalism (Tagging)

An ounce of prevention is worth more than a gallon of cover-up paint. Here are 3 tips that will help prevent graffiti on your property:
  1. Quick removal
    The best prevention is the quick removal of tags or graffiti, since the primary goal of graffiti vandals is for their "work" to be seen. If graffiti is removed quickly, there's less payoff for the risk and work involved.  Call 3-1-1 to order free supplies to remove graffiti from your property.
  2. Make your property less inviting for Tagging
    By installing motion-sensing lights and removing shrubs or bushes that conceal graffiti vandalism in progress, thereby making your property less appealing.
  3. Make it difficult and unappealing
    Repair broken fences and remove any objects that could make it easy to gain entry to your property. Install low, dense, thorny bushes around walls to make it difficult to get in close enough to tag. Plant ivy or other wall-climbing plants to make the "blank canvas" of your wall less appealing.