Supervisor Training

The OHR Supervisory Development Series offers a set of courses that thoroughly explore the issues of supervision and management and the skills required to be successful. The courses are designed to build on each other and on common themes utilizing effective management principles. We suggest that supervisors take the entire series to maximize professional growth and continue building life-long skills.

Assessing Your Training Needs
We recommend that you work with your supervisor to develop a personalized training plan that considers the skills you have, the skills you need to develop, and the needs of your work environment.
The following self-assessment tool lists the proficiencies that are associated with effective management. It will help you to identify your strengths and areas in which you need further development. This tool will guide you to create an individualized plan for your professional growth and development.
Please contact Rob Moody if you have additional questions about this assessment tool or would like further assistance.

Supervisor Training Courses and Programs

For schedule and course descriptions, please log in to your Denver City Employee University (CityU) account for dates, times and locations.

Required Supervisory Training Courses
  • SS2 CSA Rules, Sexual Harassment & Employment Law 
  • SS5 PEP Workshop
  • SS6 Effective Counseling & Discipline

Safety Training for Supervisors (No charge for these classes, see alsoEmployee Training)

  • Incident Investigation for Supervisors
  • Ergonomic Awareness for Supervisors
  • Personal Protective Equipment for Supervisors
  • Fire Safety Awareness for Supervisors
  • Confined Space Awareness for Supervisors
  • Chemical Safety Awareness for Supervisors

Professional Development Programs
    • APEX
    • Emerging Leaders
    • Leadership Development Courses

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